About Us

Worthing Women's Aid was set up in 1977 to provide refuge accommodation for women and their children who were subjected to domestic abuse.  Now with accommodation for up to 12 families, the refuges are a place where women and their children can feel safe and be given the vital support they need, both practical and emotional.

In 2013, we wanted to acknowledge the work we do throughout Sussex as well as reach out to more beneficiaries, potential donors and volunteers and the wider community. We re-launched as Safe in Sussex on 28th November 2013 and we are exicited about our future. 

We offer a children’s support service for all the children at the refuge to help them come to terms with their experiences. There is evidence to show that if a woman is abused then it is twice as likely that their children will be abused too. That is why we see our children's service as a fundamental part of our organisation. We offer the children a safe and non-judgemental environment to express their feelings and explore coping mechanisms to help them through this traumatic time in their lives. 

Safe in Sussex provides an escape route from violence and the chance to seek alternatives to a life of isolation, fear and danger.

Once abuse has started it is likely to happen again… And again. Domestic abuse is rarely an isolated, one-off incident.  Usually, it is part of a pattern of repeated, controlling behaviour that becomes worse over time. 44% of women are involved in more than one incident of domestic violence. Safe in Sussex offers advice, support, refuge, awareness and education for women, children and young people across Sussex and the south coast.

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