Healthy Relationships Educational Programmes

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We offer lessons and assemblies within secondary schools which aim to empower young people to make healthy choices around every relationship they have, whether that is friendships, parent/guardian, sibling or romantic.

Statistics show that in a class of 30 pupils, 3 will have experienced domestic abuse/violence at home.

We currently deliver 6 lessons within secondary schools:

  • Bullying and peer pressure
  • Self-esteem and dealing with conflict & anxiety
  • Relationships and self-esteem
  • Explore abuse in relationships & where to access help
  • Discovering where our beliefs come and what our Rights and Responsibilities are in relationships
  • Spiralling - a 20 minute DVD which follows the relationship of two young people showing how it develops into an abusive one. It looks at the excuses people make, the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship and where to get help.

The lessons are interactive and fun using a variety of mediums to engage young people.  Our lessons are relevant to all 3 core themes of the PSHE education programme of study:

  1. Health and well-being
  2. Relationships
  3. Living in the wider world

We are able to offer assemblies to whole school, year groups or chapters.
The aim of the assemblies is to raise awareness of relationship abuse, myths that surround it and where you can get help from.
We believe that knowledge is power and the more the young people know about what relationship abuse looks like, the healthier Choices they are able to make.
We try to make the assemblies as interactive and fun as possible whilst giving as much information as we can.

The GREAT Project

GREAT Project

The GREAT Project is a fun, interactive and educational healthy relationship and domestic abuse awareness programme for year five and six pupils. It is designed to complement key stage 2 Personal, Social and Emotional Curriculum, covering topics such as healthy relationships, defining domestic abuse, reasons and excuses and respecting each other.  The GREAT Project aims to raise awareness about domestic abuse, improve access to support services. Educate to change attitudes to prevent future domestic abuse incidents. The programme is completely age appropriate.
The GREAT Project is a 4 x 2-hour session project designed to promote healthy relationships and raise awareness about domestic abuse to year 5 and 6 pupils. Session topics are:

  • Healthy Relationships
  • Defining Domestic Abuse
  • Excuses and Choices

The GREAT Project is complimented by a teacher twilight session and a pupil graduation following the completion of the project.
The GREAT Project has been developed in response to the disturbing fact that 1 in 10 children are living with domestic violence. It has been designed to reduce the devastating impact that domestic violence so very often has on the lives of children, including poor attainment in education.
The GREAT Project enables primary school children to gain knowledge about healthy relationships, to explore what domestic violence is and to know where to go for help and support.
The GREAT Project resources are interesting, colourful, interactive and take into account visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners. The resources are accessible for a range of abilities and are designed to enable pupils to retain, remember and recall the information.
The GREAT Project has been designed to enable a sensitive approach to the delivery of a specialist topic.

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