Our mission is to break the cycle of domestic abuse

We see this as first starting by educating young people in a variety of settings, to show them what a healthy relationship is all about, so they have the knowledge and confidence to choose a relationship that is right for them. Hopefully for those that live in an abusive family they will come to realize that it is not something that is acceptable and that they can choose in their adult lives to live a life where domestic abuse has no place. However we know that some adults will still be affected by domestic abuse and for those women we offer the Freedom Programme which provides them with knowledge of the tactics of the abusive man and provides a support group for the women. 

  • To enable women and children to live their lives free of domestic violence, abuse and intimidation.
  • To provide a safe, confidential, supportive, empowering and non–judgemental service where service users are given the opportunity to make informed choices.
  • To provide an environment that ensures that women’s and children’s needs for safety and protection are paramount.
  • To enable every service user to achieve a level of independence appropriate to their choices, abilities and needs.
  • To provide an anti–discriminatory, flexible approach which enhances social inclusion and reduces stigma.
  • To provide, working with the service user and other relevant agencies, a planned approach to resettlement or move on where the need arises.
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